French Drain Installations

Every garden and property needs water. But too much water can destroy a lawn and damage foundations. For that reason, french drains have become one of the most popular installation services among both residential and commercial clients.

French drains work by carrying excess water off to a drain-off area.

French drains are popular because they:

  • are cost-effectiveness
  • provide superior performance
  • are easy to disquise after installation, making them less conspicuous

Water can accumulate in specific areas of your garden or property due to the gradient of your property and significant differences in shade. A French drain will help remove this excess water so it doesn’t ruin your lawn, garden or plants or become a health hazard.

Installing a French drain

Dallas Water Solutions brings the following strengths to french drain installation:

  • Experience:
    We’ve been in the irrigation industry for over 25 years and we understand that everything from the type of soil and structure of your property to the gradient of your lawn needs to be taken into consideration before installing a French drain. We’re the go-to people for top-performing drainage solutions, so you can rely on us to get the job done properly the first time around.
  • Aesthetically pleasing solutions:
    Nobody wants to be left with an uprooted garden or unsightly pipes and heaps of ground or gravel after a drain installation. We will preserve the beauty of your landscape when we install your French drain.

For more information on our French drain installations, contact us today.